• The Australian National University 2016 Canberra, Australia. Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science).

  • Luleå University of Technology 2012 Piteå, Sweden. Master of Fine Arts (Musical Performance).

  • The Australian National University 2009 Master of Music (Percussion and Computer Music).

  • The Australian National University 2008 Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours (Mathematics, Percussion Performance, Computer Science).

  • Canberra Grammar School 2003 Higher School Certificate


  • Apps, Agents, and Improvisation: Ensemble Interaction with Touch-Screen Digital Musical Instruments. PhD Thesis, The Australian National University. 2016. hdl:1885/101786 pdf

  • Mobile Computer Music for Percussionists. Master’s Thesis, Luleå University of Technology. 2012. doi:10.13140/RG.2.1.1688.9681 pdf

  • Percussion and Computer in Live Performance. Master’s Thesis, Australian National University. 2009. hdl:1885/13813 pdf

  • Mathematical Foundations of Computer Based Proof Verification. Honours Thesis, Australian National University. 2008.

Research Positions

  • 2016 — Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oslo, Department of Informatics

  • 2013 — 2016 PhD Student, The Australian National University, Research School of Computer Science.

Teaching Experience

  • 2016 Casual Lecturer in Percussion at the ANU School of Music.

  • 2016 Tutor for “Software Construction”, “Introduction to Computer Systems”, and “Introductory Programming in Java” at the ANU Department of Computer Science.

  • 2013–2016 Casual Lecturer for “Music and Digital Media” at the ANU School of Music

  • 2015 Casual Lecturer for “Turning Points in Music History 2: A Century of Crisis and Change (1900-2013)” at the ANU School of Music

  • 2015 Directed the “Experimental Music Studio Summer Camp” and “DIY Synth Workshop” at the ANU School of Music

  • 2014–2015 Coordinated “Hour of Code” workshops using the Processing programming environment at the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science

  • 2014 Casual Lecturer and Tutor for “Art and Interaction in New Media” at the ANU Department of Computer Science

  • 2013–2016 Performance Teaching Fellow in Percussion at the ANU School of Music.

  • 2012–2014 Co-Director Canberra Grammar School Junior Percussion Ensemble

  • 2012–2013 Percussion and Drumset Teacher (Burgmann Anglican School, Canberra)

  • 2008–2010 Percussion Teacher (Canberra Grammar School)

  • 2007 Tutor for “Mathematics and Applications 1 & 2”, ANU Mathematical Sciences Institute.

Code Repositories and Released Software

  • RoboJam: A Mixture Density RNN and web app for creating and responding to musical touchscreen performances.

  • Gesture-RNN: Deep recurrent neural network for generating ensemble performances of high-level touch gestures. (github link)

  • MicroJam: Social music-making app for iOS written in Swift. (github link)

  • PhaseRings: Musical performance app for iOS written in Objective C. (github link)

  • Metatone Classifier: Ensemble director agent web application written in Python with Tornado and Scikit-Learn. (github link)

Computer Programming and Media

  • languages Swift, Objective C (Apple OS X/iOS), Python (including Tensorflow, Pandas, Numpy), Java, LaTeX

  • audio Max/MSP, Pd, Supercollider, Logic Studio, Ableton Live, Mainstage, Audacity.

  • web HTML/CSS, LAMP stack, Tornado, Drupal, Jekyll, Squarespace.

Grants and Awards

  • Arts Council Norway (Kulturrådet), development grant for Synesthetic, composition and performance for marimba, wearable electronics, and lighting (w/ Christina Hopgood and Gísli Jóhann Grétarsson) 2017.

  • ANU Vice Chancellor’s Higher Degree by Research Travel Grant 2014. (To present at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention)

  • ANU Supplementary Scholarship 2013.

  • Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) 2013.

  • National Science Week Seed Grants 2011 (Last Man to Die)

  • ArtsACT Out-of-Round Funding 2011. (To attend University of Delaware Jazz Vibraphone Workshop)

  • Australia Council for the Arts, New Work - Theatre 2010 (Last Man to Die)

  • Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, National Enabling Technologies Strategy Funding 2010 (Last Man to Die)

  • ArtsACT Project Funding 2010 (with Chi-Hsia Lai for Strike on Stage)

  • ArtsACT Project Funding 2010 (Last Man to Die)

  • The Space Program, PACT Centre for Emerging Artists 2010 (Last Man to Die)

  • Open House II: Emerging Artists Residency, Canberra Youth Theatre 2009 (Last Man to Die)

  • The Street Theatre Made in Canberra Season 2009 (Last Man to Die)

  • ANU Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering Summer Scholarship 2006

Selected Audio Releases

  • 2017 Andromeda is Coming. Andromeda is Coming (Charles Martin and Alexander Hunter) are a Canberra-based duo utilising viola da gamba, percussion and live electronics. This debut album collects a series of free-improvised sections across two field recordings, each capturing Canberra’s intersection of urban and bush environments. (Bandcamp link)

  • 2014 Ensemble Metatone. Improvised works from Ensemble Metatone, a group dedicated to creating experimental works with new iPad instruments, these works were performed with a new vocabulary of touch-gestures inspired by their percussive backgrounds. (Bandcamp link)

  • 2013 Nordlig Vinter - Charles Martin. Compositions for percussion and iOS devices created by Charles Martin while living in Piteå, near the Arctic circle in northern Sweden. Harshly cut field recordings reflect the dry, icy environment while minimal jazz inspired melodies on vibraphone and marimba evoke the quiet beauty of such a strange place. (Bandcamp link)

  • 2012 Sounds from the Treetops - Ensemble Evolution. Six works for percussion trio, voice, and clarinet, composed and performed by Ensemble Evolution in collaboration with the iconic Treehotel in Northern Sweden. (Bandcamp link)

  • 2012 Solstormen - Ensemble Evolution. A suite of mallet trios by the members of Ensemble Evolution drawing elements from jazz, minimalism and contemporary classical music. This music recalls the aurora borealis and the eerie landscape of Northern Sweden. (Bandcamp link)

Selected performances and productions

  • 2017 aug Metatone iPad Ensemble, 3-hour improvised touchscreen performance at “Elvelangs i Fakkellys”, Oslo.

  • 2017 jul Andomeda is Coming, album launch at Gorman House Arts Centre, Canberra.

  • 2017 jun Synesthetic, prototype performance of works for marimba and computer controlled lighting at Nydans, Oslo.

  • 2017 may Music Tech på IFI, showcase concert at UiO Department of Informatics.

  • 2016 jul PhaseRings for iPad Ensemble and Ensemble Director Agent, invited performance at the International Conference on Auditory Display, Llewellyn Hall, Canberra.

  • 2016 mar Apocalyptic and Integrated - Andromeda is Coming, 3-hour improvised performance at Art Not Apart, Kendall Lane Theatre, Canberra.

  • 2015 nov Andromeda is Coming, Charles Martin and Alexander Hunter, experimental music performance at ElectroFringe 2015, 107 Projects, Sydney.

  • 2014 nov iPads in Percussion Ensemble, seminar and performance at the 2014 Percussive Arts Society International Convention, Indianapolis, USA.

  • 2014 aug Ensemble Metatone at Colour Music, iPad/Percussion ensemble performance as part of the ANU Drill Hall Gallery’s Colour Music Exhibition.

  • 2014 may Frost Beat, Frost Ice Bar, Boston, USA. Improvised performance series with percussion and ice instruments.

  • 2014 mar Loner Series: Ensemble Metatone, You Are Here Festival, Canberra, Performance of new works for iPad and percussion ensemble.

  • 2013 nov Ensemble Evolution: Sounds from the Treetops, ensemble showcase concert at the 2013 Percussive Arts Society International Convention, Indianapolis, USA.

  • 2012 jun Sounds from the Treetops, Commission with Ensemble Evolution for Treehotel, an iconic boutique hotel in Northern Sweden. (blog and video)

  • 2012 mar Ensemble Evolution - Solstormen tour, Australia. Featuring performances and workshops using Snow Music, a percussion work and computer instrument for iOS in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

  • 2011 mar Ensemble Evolution at Piteå Percussion Repertoire Festival, Studio Acusticum, Piteå and Kroumata’s Capitol Theatre, Stockholm. Including ensemble and solo works by Ensemble Evolution and other emerging composers. (video)

  • 2010 feb-oct “THE LAST MAN TO DIE” - Blue Room Theatre, Perth; Brisbane Festival, Under the Radar programme, Metro Arts, Brisbane; Street 2, The Street Theatre, Canberra; PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, Sydney; Belconnen Theatre, Canberra. (website)

  • 2010 jun Strike on Stage: Percussion and Media Performance, Belconnen Arts Centre, Canberra, New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference, ABC Eugene Goosens Hall, Sydney. (blog and videos)